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What do you call it when millions of people suffer from a serious, often debilitating condition, but only a tiny fraction of them are treated for it? At Valtech, we call it one thing: an opportunity to do better.

Millions of people suffer from valvular insufficiency – a serious, often life threatening condition – but only a tiny fraction of them are treated for it. Valtech Cardio specializes in innovative transcatheter heart valve technologies for patients suffering from valvular insufficiency. We’re pioneering a new generation of technologically advanced, clinically proven treatments that offer physicians and their patients safer and more effective alternatives to current valvular treatments. We’re currently focusing to create a future in which mitral regurgitation is a thing of the past. Our life-altering treatments will let patients do more of the things people who don’t suffer from mitral regurgitation (MR) often take for granted, like going for a walk with a grandchild or climbing a set of stairs.

Finding a better way to treat MR.

Left untreated, MR is a chronic condition that leaves patients limited in their daily activities. By improving patient care and offering better clinical outcomes, we are helping people live fuller, richer, better lives – lives that are not limited by mitral regurgitation.

Valtech - Company Profile

Our Vision

We work alongside some of the world’s most renowned heart specialists and are relentlessly searching for treatments that improve patient outcomes. Our solution is easier to undergo and recover from and shortens and simplifies the procedure.

Driven by a passion to help patients live not just longer but better, fuller lives, our vision is to help create a world in which people can do all the things they want to do free of the limits that valvular insufficiency can place on them.

We’re improving MR treatment in 3 ways: by making it safer (also for high-risk patients), by reconstructing the valve on a beating heart with real-time feedback and by leaving all future cardiac intervention options open.

MR is one of the most common valve pathologies in the world, yet many patients’ treatment options are limited to medication because the severity of their condition puts them in high risk for surgery. We are working every day to change that equation by developing less invasive options and by ensuring that treatment is effective and safe.