Valtech - Cardioband Overview

Cardioband Overview

The Cardioband System –
A surgical solution implanted percutaneously.

The Cardioband System offers reconstruction of the mitral valve by direct annuloplasty delivered transfemorally with no need for open-heart surgery. Cardioband is echo and fluoroscopy guided and is anatomically fitted.

Valtech - Cardioband Overview

Key Advantages

  • Transfemoral transseptal venous access (no interaction in the left ventricle) – best for safety.
  • Supraannular fixation as in surgery.
  • Significant reduction of annular dimensions – device enables reduction of up to size 28 surgical ring.
  • Preserves the native anatomy to keep future cardiac intervention options open.



A comparison of results between open-heart surgery and Cardioband.


Cardioband Overview - Surgery


Cardioband Overview - Cardioband