Valtech - The Procedure

The Procedure

  1. Access
    The device is introduced through the femoral vein using a transseptal approach – through the right atrium and then through the fossa ovalis to the left atrium.

  2. Implant deployment
    The Implant Delivery System can be steered to reach any point on the annulus. Approximately a dozen anchors are sequentially deployed as the tip is navigated along the posterior annulus, exactly as a standard annuloplasty band would be sutured during an open-heart procedure.

  3. Implant adjustment and MR reduction
    After completion of implant deployment, the Size Adjustment Tool (SAT) is introduced over a wire. By turning a knob, the implant can be adjusted bi-directionally to reshape the annulus. This is performed under real-time beating-heart echo to eliminate MR.

    procedure-1-adjustment procedure-2-adjustment

A distinctive aspect of the procedure is that it is performed solely in the left atrium with no contact with the left ventricle, thereby enhancing the procedure’s safety profile.