Valtech - The Technology

The Technology

The Cardioband system features a unique segmental deployment that easily conforms to each patient’s specific annular geometry. It is a stepwise procedure in which each step is reversible, resulting in an enhanced level of safety and control throughout.

The Cardioband prosthesis is composed of 3 elements:
a standard polyester fabric sleeve, stainless steel anchors and an adjustment mechanism. The prostheses is attached to the posterior annulus, trigone to trigone, via the anchors. The adjustment mechanism embedded inside the sleeve allows a homogeneous circumferential annular cinching after full deployment of the implant. The sleeve has a unique design in which the attaching anchors are safely secured within the sleeve– they cannot escape the boundaries of the implant. The Cardioband implant is available in six sizes to cover the entire functional mitral regurgitation population.

Valtech - The Technology

The Cardioband transfemoral delivery system consists of 3 components:


  • The implant delivery system features five degrees of control for easy and continuous navigation across the mitral annulus.


  • The anchor driver is used for insertion of the anchors using proprietary one-to-one torque transfer.


  • The Size Adjustment Tool, together with the adjustment mechanism inside the implant, provides a homogeneous stepwise cinching in which the mitral regurgitation is gradually eliminated based on real-time echo feedback.